So we ended this summer equipped with swimming skills as well as water safety knowledge.
This is a survival swimming course at the assembled swimming pool installed at Duy Tan Primary School, Duy Tan Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province, monitored operation by Swim Vietnam.
The program, conducted by Swim Vietnam and co-operated Education and Training Department of the Duy Xuyen district, is organised together with the sponsor Pizza Vietnam Limited for 100 students to participate in this how-to-swim course.

This video is in the Project Teaching How to Swim Survival and Water Safety Education by Swim
Vietnam, co-operated with the Vietnam Red Cross and the Education and Training Department of Duy Xuyen district, performed with the sponsor by Pizza Vietnam Limited .

Procedure: Swim Vietnam

Video: Nhiên Media

Engsub: Jyoti

💙 Swim Vietnam is a charity organization based in Central Vietnam. Swim Vietnam trains swimming teachers, builds swimming pools and teaches free survival swimming lessons and water safety education, giving Vietnamese children skills that can save their lives.