Corporate partnerships with Swim Vietnam


By sponsoring Swim Vietnam, you will be giving children the vital swimming and water safety skills they need to save their own lives. You’ll also be contributing to the development of high quality, safe and sustainable swim teaching practices in Vietnam.

All sponsors receive

  • The opportunity to attend a one-day hosted tour of Swim Vietnam operations in Quang Nam province and sit in on a swimming class (dates to be advised).
  • Quarterly reporting on what your contribution achieved, as well as case studies of children and families in the Swim Vietnam program.
  • Recognition on the Swim Vietnam website and social media.

We can also tailor a partnership to suit the requirements of your organisation.  We have partnered successfully with many companies, both internationally and in Vietnam.

The level of sponsorship can vary from sponsoring individual children through the program, supporting a training course for new swim teachers, supporting the startup of a swimming program in a rural area which is prone to flooding and has high levels of drowning or sponsoring the costs of one of our swimming pool each year.

Download the full sponsorship prospectus.

Platinum sponsorship – US$20,000 

·       Your contribution funds over half of our costs for building a new pool in Central Vietnam

·       Your logo or photo will be displayed in signage at the pool upon completion.

·       This permanent structure will train thousands or children and teachers over the coming years and provide employment to hundreds of locals

Silver sponsorship – US$5,000 

·       Your contribution funds classroom-based water safety education in Central Vietnam for 7,500 children each year.

·       Your logo or photo will appear on training materials used in classrooms.  

·       You will receive data on the effectiveness of this training each year as measured by pre- and post-lesson quizzes.

Gold sponsorship – US$10,000 

·       Your contribution funds running the Swim Vietnam program at a regional pool for one year.

·       Approximately 500 children will receive swim training at your sponsored pool during the swim season. That’s less than US$20 per child!

·       Your pool will also provide employment for dozens of locals.

Bronze sponsorship – US$2,000 

·       Your contribution will train 30 much-needed swim teachers in Central Vietnam.

·       These teachers will reach hundreds of children over their careers and have lifelong job opportunities in swim teaching.