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Swim Vietnam2 days ago
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Swim Vietnam2 days ago
Just a corner of the Nguyen Du pool this morning!
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Swim Vietnam3 days ago
( Tiếng Việt bên dưới)
Thanks our trainer, Thăng Long for delivering the charitable CPR training or 23 teenagers aged 14 to 21 of STREETS International(an innovative social enterprise initiative with the purpose to develop and operate sustainable programs for street kids and disabled youths in SE Asia and throughout the world)on 15th June in Hoian.
This CPR course aims to improve their responding to emergencies in the workplace and they all engaged in the training excitingly

Cảm ơn thầy Long đã giảng dạy CPR miễn phí cho 23 học viên của STREETS international.
Khoá học được thiết kế nhằm mục đích giúp các bạn trẻ có thể can thiệp đúng cách khi có những trường hợp tai nạn không mong muốn xảy xa tại nơi làm việc.
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Swim Vietnam6 days ago
Swim Vietnam just completed the Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety training for 10 teachers in 5 provinces of Vietnam : Thanh Hoa, Quang Binh, Nghe An, Vinh Long and Tien Giang.
We are now aiming to train local teachers as water rescuer instructors which will help increase the number of children having access to the survival skills and knowledge.
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Swim Vietnam1 week ago
Swim Vietnam will be holding a number of AUSTSWIM courses in July and August 2018
July 2018: 3 Austswim Teacher of swimming and water safety courses (TWS)
TWS1 course: 12,13,14/07/2018
TWS2 course: 19,20,21/07/2018
TWS3 course: 26,27,28/07/2018
August 2018: 3 TWS courses, 1 Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics (INF) and Teacher of Towards Competitive Strokes (TCS)
TWS1 Course: 10,11,12/08/2018
TWS2 course: 17,18,19/08/2018
TWS3 course: 23,24,25/08/2018
INF course: 21,22/08/2018
TCS course: 21,22/08/2018
Doan Minh Trung Nguyentruong Sanh Thăng Long
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Swim Vietnam2 weeks ago
Our treasurer, William Allen attended one of the Rotary Club of Brightons meetings on 7th June 2018.
Thanks William for making it to the meeting on behalf of Swim Vietnam.
William-thành viên ban quản trị Swim Vietnam tham dự hội nghị do Rotary Club of Brightons tổ chức.