Charity status

Swim Vietnam is a UK registered charity. Charity number SC042133. View details of our registration with the Office of the Scottish Charity register.

Annual reports


Swim Vietnam, in collaborations with other INGO’s in Vietnam, is working with the Vietnamese government to make swimming lessons and water safety education part of the national curriculum.

We are advising the national government on a standard survival swimming curriculum and teacher training program and working on pilot programs to transition some of our pools over to the government, enabling them to run the swim program themselves with our guidance and support. This is in line with our plan to ensure the long term sustainability of swim education in Vietnam.

We rely on sponsorship and donations to continue our important work.


Keep the children in our program safe is our first priority. We have a strict safeguarding policy to ensure the safety of the children in the program. Click here to view.

If you need any futher details on Swim Vietnam, please contact us:

Tel: (+84)(0) 326 597 640

Email: [email protected]