Swim Vietnam deliver free survival swimming lessons to thousands of school-age children each year with the aim of preventing drownings.

In the 15 lesson program children learn to float, swim survival strokes, tread water and how to perform safe rescues. They also learn critical water safety and personal survival skills to help them make good decisions around water

We run multiple programs throughout the year as part of the school curriculum and during the school holidays. Generally, children attend three swimming classes per week across six weeks.

On completion of the program children are assessed on the ability to swim 25 meters and tread water for one minute. Children who might need a little more help to become confident swimmers are given the opportunity of a second round of training.

Lessons are taught by Swim Vietnam’s internationally qualified teachers in one of our eight pools, providing a safe and controlled environment.

The survival swimming program provides a fantastic base of swimming skills and knowledge that can be built upon in further private training if parents wish.