Corporate Partnerships

A charity partnership with Swim Vietnam will allow your company to make a lasting difference to the lives of children and their families in Vietnam.

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Work With Us

Working with us will build your reputation as a company that is passionate about helping children and communities. The impact of a loss of a child’s life on a family and community is terrible so reducing the incidences of drowning has a huge benefit to the entire community.


Get Involved

Your company’s associates would have the opportunity to visit Central Vietnam and get involved in our program.  This ensures that your company and its associates can be fully involved and engaged in our charity. Visiting or working with our community based programs would be extremely rewarding for your employees and give them a true understanding of Swim Vietnam’s activities.

To Suit You

We can tailor your partnership to suit the requirements of your organisation.  We have partnered successfully with many companies at the Vietnamese and the international level.   The level of sponsorship can vary from sponsoring individual children through the program, supporting a training course for new swim teachers, supporting the startup of a swimming program in a rural area which is prone to flooding and has high levels of drowning or sponsoring the costs of one of our swimming pool each year.

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