The class “Training on prevention of drowning skills and safe swimming” with the participation of 100 physical education teachers promises to bring useful lessons to help students through the screen to understand how to prevent drowning in addition to the necessary summer swimming knowledge.

Candidates who have successfully completed the training course will be granted a certificate by the Swim Vietnam Organization on swimming for safety and drowning prevention for child.

Source: VTV7

Swim Star Program

Swim Star Program

The “Swim Star” program commenced for 3 charity organisations in Hoi An: CHIA, Hearing & Beyond, Kianh Foundation.

This is supported by funds from Water Skills For Life and part of a grant given to Swim Vietnam for AVI (Australian Volunteers International).

Say “Hello” CHIA (Children’s Hope In Action)

Double your chance to save a child’s life

Double your chance to save a child’s life

We are extremely excited to tell you about a wonderful opportunity for you to make a massive contribution to help stop drowning in Vietnam.

A generous donor, Money in Motion, have agreed to match every single dollar you donate to Swim Vietnam.

That’s right! For every dollar you give to this urgent appeal – up to US$20,000 – it will be doubled. 

Please take advantage of this matching opportunity to help improve the lives of others and assist in the prevention of drowning. This campaign will run for 2 months from now until the end of April.

The Need

Swim Vietnam has been working to reduce child drowning in Vietnam for the past 12 years.They have had great success, however, drowning is still a massive problem, particularly in rural areas. Over 2,000 children drown every year in Vietnam*. Flooding has devastated many areas in Vietnam and in the past year has been badly affected.  Most charity sponsorship has dried up due to the Covid pandemic which has affected us in being able to support our programs. A donation of just US$20 will teach one child to swim and teach them vital water safety skills which can protect them from drowning. Now, due to this amazing donor matching opportunity, your money will help to protect twice as many children.
*According to statistics of Vietnam Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Welfare in 2018

How can you help?

Below is a list of 4 projects for which your donation will be used. Individuals can contribute by going to our website and clicking on the donate button. You will have the option to make a one-off payment or a monthly contribution. Any money which is donated from today will be automatically matched by our donor (up to total of US$20,000).

If you are a corporate you can donate via our website or you can choose to sponsor one of our projects. Alternatively you may like to make a bank transfer so please contact us to find out more details by emailing us at [email protected].

If you want to really make a difference, donate now, and make twice the difference with one donation. Don’t let this chance slip away.